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Pointless poll on the stimulus bill

The American Family Association has a poll about Obama's spending proposals. After I voted I got the results as they stand at this moment:
President Obama's $3 trillion spending proposals
President Obama is right on track. His spending proposals will help turn our economy around. 826
President Obama is off track. His spending proposals will simply make a bad situation worse. 38,628
That's two point one percent yeas and the rest nays. I wonder if instead of doing poll the AFA shouldn't just have written a petition and gotten people to sign it. It's not like anyone in the (current) White House would be fooled into thinking this was representative of anything else than Conservative Christians who will be against anything that this anti-Christ proposes for the next eight years.

The stimulus bill that Obama just signed is for $787 billion - a fair amount indeed, but a far cry from $3 trillion. So where does that figure originate from? The email I got from AFA gives it away:
Some economic advisors, including CNN's Lou Dobbs and The Washington Times, believe the final cost of Obama's actions will exceed $3 trillion.
I'm sorry, but both Lou Dobbs and The Washington Post are unequivocally are of a (fiscal) conservative persuasion, so we can only expect them to paint a grim picture of any government spending. Not to be taken seriously, in other words.

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