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What's wrong with the second law?

How can you tell that this is definitely not the real thing?

Metsys detalosi na rof eurt ylno si taht taht llew swonk gnikwaH laer eht elihw, metsys desolc a ni sesaercni syawla yportne syas eh par eht gnirud semit lareves.


  1. Except that for an isolated system the entropy is constant. The traditional formulation is "increases or is constant", but certainly the "number of microstates consistent with a macrostate" is referring to a conditional entropy, not an entropy. So the 2nd law actually talks about what happens to the conditional entropy. That, indeed, increases or is a constant for an isolated system.

    And Hawking actually doesn't know this.

  2. Constant is when nothing happens in turns of heat transfer, I assume?

    So what's the difference between entropy and conditional entropy?


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