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Adnan Oktar repeats challenge ($$$) in a white suit

This is too precious not to share: Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar challenges scientists to prove evolution. A correspondent from The Guardian went to Turkey to interview Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, author of the Atlas of Creation. (Here's my previous post on Muslim attitudes towards evolution.)

Oktar repeats his challenge to anyone to prove evolution, by showing him just "a few fossils." I assume he means transitional, given that he even knows what that refers to. And once again promises 100 trillion Turkish Lire to the person who can do that. That's about 65 million US dollars (divide by a million to get the Turkish New Lira). What do you think? Is there any way his organization could afford to give away that kind of money, or is he somehow certain that no one could reproduce "a few fossils?"

However, while the interview reveals another layer of the enigma that Oktar is, the story becomes absolutely hilarious with this picture.
Oktar, squeezed into a white trouser suit...

Dangnabbit, that ain't no lie. That tie is just awful!


  1. I'm surprized that you haven't been spammed by the sole fanatic for Adnan Oktar's pseudoscientific bilge. If Joe Morreale or Jamshed Moidu/ Kunnoth or Frederik K spam you with vast tracts ranting about how evolution has been destroyed,etc, you'll know that Oktar's lone follower has gotten upset and given you a knee jerk creationist response.

    Andy Wellsby:)


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