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Vedic creationism and human devolution

A human is a combination of matter, mind, and consciousness, accoriding to Dr. Michael Cremo, who wrote Human Devolution. This article (Humans may have originated billions of years ago in waves of consciousness) about him and his vedic creationism was too long and boring to read, but the video I could just manage - with breaks.

His evidence for a subtle mind element associated with the human organism: Experiments with random number generatORs. Students at Princeton were able to "will" random numbers to be non-random. To change the outcome of computer-generated random numbers by thinking about it. To which I will say, well yeah, they are Princeton students! Duh!

His evidence for a conscious self that can exist apart from the body: Medical reports of out-of-body experiences. People self-reporting on being conscious while they're brain-dead. I personally know several people who keeps talking even though they are clearly brain-dead.

Once we accept that a human being is composed of the three elements, it leads to the idea of a multi-level cosmos. Devolution: the process by which a human departs from pure consciousness into the lower levels of mind and matter. We don't evolve "up" from matter, as scientists would have you believe, but down from the higher level of exalted spirit.

A process that can be reversed, he promises. Just not one I will be having part of. I really like it here in my faulty material form. I'm not too much into prayer, mediation, or yoga, which he says are the ways to restore the conscious self to its original position, freeing us from its covering of the lower energies. Which is the actual purpose of human life, according to Dr. Michael Cremo.

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