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The Manga Bible should be a juicy feast

Here's something I'd like for Christmas: The Manga Bible.

From Amazon:
One wouldn't imagine that Siku, onetime artist for postmodern bloodfest Judge Dredd, would be the ideal choice for a manga-style graphic novel adaptation of the Bible, but not many pages have passed before it becomes clear that the Bible is, in fact, the perfect material for him.
I'd say! The Bible has loads and loads of blood'n'gore stories that are perfect for a graphic novel, indeed. I can't wait for Cain slaying Abel, God destroying Sodom and Gomorra, and especially my favorite prank of all times, God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son.


  1. This is different...
    I want to illustrate Metamorphoses by Ovid one day.
    I think that would be a tremendous accomplishment.

  2. Different from what I'm used to [to put it plainly].


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