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Bush's God is not a terrorist

George W. Bush doesn't claim to be much of a theologian, I am aware, but what he said about religion in the December 8 interview is really bizarre.
"I think anyone who murders to achieve their religious objective is not a religious person."
Boy, how to make sense of that? He must have the view that being religious equals being good, or something to that effect. It's not that I don't realize that many religious people see it that way - that they are the good ones, fighting evil, doing God's work, etc. However, I do fail to see how Christians who are aware of the atrocities committed by God as described in the Old Testament can do anything but throw that book in the trash.

Bush explains,
"They may think they're religious, and they play like they're religious, but I don't think they're religious. They are not praying to the God I pray to ... the God of peace and love."
Ah, the God of peace and love. Then I think he in fact did not read the Old Testament, because Yahweh of the Old Testament isn't exactly all peaceful and loving. You know, taunting (all) the egyptians when the Pharaoh wouldn't let his chosen people go. Raining burning sulphur on two cities, children included, because they were a bit anal. On and on the horror stories go. Great stuff to raise children on, no?

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