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Were they both faking idiocy?

“I told him I wouldn’t reveal them, so that if he ever asked for my advice again, he’d feel comfortable doing it knowing that it wouldn’t be out there for public consumption.”
Said who? Said George W. Bush of his private talks with Obama. Is it just me or is he becoming more eloquent these days? It's just like Paris Hilton, who turned out (perhaps) not to be so darned empty-brained as her own acting has made her appear. Now I honestly wonder if Bush for some odd reason has been playing the same game. For what reason?

I've noted before that I think Bush voted for Obama. Could it be that he was anti-Bush himself during his own reign? I know, I know: during the reign of Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, etc. is probably what I mean to say.

I'm still super-looking forward to an auto-biography from W with a chapter or two about his exact role during his own presidency.


  1. I like to imagine that he's been playing dumb because that was his job as frontman for the Texas Mafia.

    Think what a satisfying story it would be, if true. This whole disastrous presidency was actually a fiendish master plan on the part of a group of wealthy, powerful, intelligent thugs. But now Bush, his co-conspirators, and the corporate entities whose power structures they've infiltrated have succeeded. They've gained increased domination of several industries as well as billions of dollars of stolen money.

    So now he can take the mask off a little bit and start to inhale for the coming sigh of relief when his distasteful task is finally behind him. Barbara and Laura will finally leave him the hell alone and he can go back to enjoying coke and hookers to his heart's content.

  2. This mafia-presidency connection is definitely my favorite conspiracy theory this year. There is a(nother) movie to be made.


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