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Keeping the family's weird name-policy

Do all Alaskans name their kids these weird non-name names? Bristol, Sarah Palin's 18 year old daughter is naming her son Tripp. What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Disclaimer: I'm all for unique names, mind you, but I think cool names are cool, and I don't think uncool names are cool. I think uncool names are uncool. However, it works out fine that it's a one-syllable name, because in America everybody gets a one-syllable nickname anyway. There seems to be some cognitive problem using more than two syllables too much. On that note, I never understood how William becomes Bill, or how Richard becomes Dick.


  1. Maybe she's a big fan of Star Trek: Enterprise and wanted to name him after that catfish-eating engineer.

    At least she didn't name him Whalon. Whalon Palin offers many irreducibly complex opportunities for childish cruelty.

  2. Full name is actually Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Why Whalon? Also from ST:E?


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