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This just in: Evidence for Christianity

Finally, finally, someone has the evidence for Christianity. In I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, Norman Geisler and Frank Turek "builds the case from the ground up":
The authors include run-ins they've had with professors and debate opponents, making for an interesting read. The appendixes [sic], which feature a mock dialogue between a Christian and an atheist, are entertaining. The book covers all the important issues that this topic entails, from cosmology, life origins, evolution, morality, and a defense of the Bible.

No honest atheist can read this book without being impressed by the quality of the theistic arguments as presented by the authors. The objections of skeptics are confronted with confidence. Did it change my mind? It may have planted a seed.
Wait! It says confidence, not evidence. Sorry, my bad.

Right then, carry on. Nothing to see here.

(I truly misread that as evidence the first time around.)


  1. Riiiight, because Amazon reviewers are always completely honest about who they are and what they mean...

  2. The claim is only that the average atheist is smarter than the average creationist - not that they are all smart. If this reviewer was an atheist, I think we've located one belonging to the lower tail of the Gaussian.


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