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Scott who wins senate seat in MA?

Republican Scott Brown takes the MA seat in the senate after Ted Kennedy, who called the overhaul of the health care system the cause of his life, and yet Brown, who plans to oppose the bill, still has the nerve to aspire to be a worthy successor:
And he effusively praised Mr. Kennedy as a big-hearted, tireless worker, and said that he hoped to prove a worthy successor to him.
Fuck you too, Brown.

Do we have any idea why 52% of the voters would vote to endanger the health care bill? Let's see:
Although the race has riveted the nation largely because it was seen as contributing to the success or defeat of the health care bill, the potency of the issue for voters here was difficult to gauge. That is because Massachusetts already has near-universal health coverage, thanks to a law passed when Mitt Romney, a Republican, was governor.

Thus Massachusetts is one of the few states where the benefits promised by the national bill were expected to have little effect on how many of its residents got coverage, making it an unlikely place for a referendum on the health care bill.
Ah, but of course. Spending all that money wouldn't benefit Bay Staters anyway. Nothing decides like selfishness.

Oh well. 30 million of the poorest Americans will now have to look elsewhere for health care, I suppose.

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