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Swans divorce

Fascinating, fascinating story about a couple of married swans who divorced each other and then both remarried other swans.
First suspicions of the rare event were raised when male swan Sarindi turned up in the annual migration from Arctic Russia without his partner of two years Saruni and with a new female - newly-named Sarind - in tow.

The pair's arrival led conservationists to fear the worst for Saruni.

But shortly afterwards Saruni arrived at the wetlands site - also with a new mate, Surune.

And after observing them, the experts discovered the old relationship had ended and new ones had begun.
Sad and uplifting at the same time. Also, the parallel to humans is intriguing. Did they perhaps stop loving each other? I have, by the way, been blessed watching a couple of swans in Copenhagen caressing or dancing (or...?). They were necking, and I was spellbound. They looked like they were in love.
As for why they may have split, she said: "Failure to breed could be a possible reason, as they had been together for a couple of years but had never brought back a cygnet, but it is difficult to say for sure."
Not unheard of in humans, either, I suppose.

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  1. Not unheard of in humans, either, I suppose.

    Hmm, well my wife and I are watching the miniseries The Tudors about Henry VIII, so I would say, yeah, definitely not unheard of in humans -- though presumably there are no swan beheadings...


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