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Evolution posts in 2009

ResearchBlogging, where I submit all my posts about peer-reviewed journal articles, is accepting nominations for a little back-patting among their research-bloggers.

I'm not going to urge you to submit Pleiotropy in any of the categories (I have no chance of winning with so few readers, plus I'm a loser), but it did make we want to promote some of the posts I have written about papers on topics in evolution and submitted to ResearchBlogging in 2009:

Adaptation is fast and effective in a fungus
B:III evidence for evolution (which is just a theory)
Genomic obesity
Darwin was wrong about the human appendix being vestigial
Cladistics does not resolve hobbit controversy
Darwin's theory can handle the landscape
Orangutans to replace chimpanzees as our closest relative?
Homosexuality is not a choice
Evolution-proof malaria control
Is this a new feathered dinosaur?
Evolution does mean better and more complex

Here's the full list on ResearchBlogging.

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