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Allergies you wouldn't have predicted

Looking over the submissions to Carnival of Evolution, I notice quite a few entries that aren't about evolution, typically about online universities. They won't make it into the carnival (hosted this coming Monday on Skeptic Wonder), but some of them are quite delightful reads nonetheless.

Like this one that lists twenty more or less weird allergies, like water, vibrations, underwear, sex, pressure, sweat. By far the weirdest and worst allergy is:
20. Every food and drink except water

A condition so rare medical science has yet to apply a name to it, much media attention has been dedicated to children so hypersensitive to the world around them that water remains one of the only things incapable of instigating an allergic reaction. Kaleb Bussenschutt is one such case. His diet consists of water, ice, and one specific brand of lemonade, and he must receive the proper nutrients necessary to live through a tube that feeds directly into his stomach. Eating anything else results in agonizing stomach pain and cramps. Bussenschutt gets along physically as a result of 20 hours a day on the feeding tube (it stows away in a backpack so he may move about and be active, but due to extreme rarity of his disorder and the subsequent lack of available research subjects, no cure has yet to surface.
Imagine that. No freaking food for your entire life. How sad is that?

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