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A tempting offer indeed

Here's one of those Nigerian emails that puts the rest to shame:
please good day my name is shilsells from nigeria and i most be frank with you as a matter of your help please i am in need of a sum of $2,500 us$ to enable me move a sum of $17,million us$ to you within the next few days from now please kindly get back to me along with your cell phone number and your real name if you want to help me out, please if you are not interested to help me kindly dont reply this email i waiting to hear from you along with your cell phone number.
If you ever wondered how the scams promising you millions of dollars left by dead bankers work, here is the explanation. "We have all this money that we need to shift, but we need to buy a truck to haul it. We promise we will give you millions of dollars in return after you wire us 2,500 dollars first. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Also, I think I figured out why these letters often have so bad grammar and punctuation: It is done on purpose to better align themselves with the victims they are seeking - people who can't spell or construct a proper sentence.


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  2. nice post. thanks.


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