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Giving aid to Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti seems so unfair. It's one of the countries whose people suffer the most in the first place, and they are not very well prepared to deal with their own misfortune. Thankfully, lots of people who are better off are willing to help, chiefly by giving money to organizations that give real aid. Some people prefer to do that in the name of their pet religious institution, but some prefer to make it known that they give even though they are non-believers (here through Doctors Without Borders and International Red Cross).

For someone who is in great need of help it really doesn't matter much who gives it. It doesn't matter if the givers have some hidden agenda or not, as long as it doesn't affect those receiving aid. Unless of course the aid comes on a condition, such as being told how to live or what to think, or that the giving party must get something in return.

Trying to assess the mind of the giver is completely unhelpful. If you help someone, that's very nice of you, even if you are only doing it because it improves your own sex life.

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