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Roy Moore is still running for governor

A friendly commenter on an older post of mine reminded me that Roy Moore is running for governor in Alabama. Thanks.

Here's Moore's view on education.

Moore thinks that what's wrong with the American education system is that there isn't enough freedom:
By freedom, I mean the freedom within our education system to allow other schools to compete with public schools, freedom of parents to control the education of their children, freedom of teachers to do their job without burdensome restrictions, and freedom of both students and teachers to express their belief in God and moral standards.
As governor, I will fight to allow parents greater freedom to choose the proper education for their child, whether public school, private school, Christian school, or home school.
Muslim school, Jewish school, Scientology school, FSM school.
Finally, we must remember that God is the true source of wisdom and understanding. As governor, I will protect the freedom of teachers and students to recognize God in prayer and our Pledge of Allegiance.
I wonder if he'll protect the freedom of teachers and students to recite Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist prayers in school.

In other news:
Roy Moore disrespects the non-religious.

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