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Harvey Mudd Conference on mathematics of environmental sustainability

Harvey Mudd College, located minutes away from Keck Graduate Institute where I work, is holding a conference in the end of January. If you're interested in the topic, the Mathematics of Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology, then there is the option for students to apply for travel funding (see below).
The conference will begin on Friday evening January 29th with a panel discussion featuring representatives from the colleges and the Claremont community working on issues of sustainability.

On Saturday there will be four speakers from a variety of disciplines posing problems of interest to mathematicians and scientists:

Harry Atwater (California Institute of Technology) Light-Matter Interactions for Solar Energy Conversion

Ken Golden (University of Utah) Climate Change and the Mathematics of Transport in Sea Ice

Julie Lundquist (University of Colorado at Boulder) Harnessing the Power of the Wind

Ron Lloyd (Fat Spaniel Technologies) Modeling Problems in the Green Economy.

We invite students and faculty to submit posters. There is travel funding available for students. Please see website for more details.
I'll probably drop by on Saturday 30th.

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