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I'm looking intensively for a postdic job for when (if) I graduate in the end of Spring 2010, and today I came across one of the funnies at the Broad Institute:
Job Title: Associate Computational Biologist - Infectious Disease Initiative

General abilities required: multi-task, work independently, collaborative skills, adapt to changing priorities, work in face paced environment, analytical skills, verbal communications skills, written communication skills, presentation skills

[Emphasis added.]
I'd love to work in a face paced environment. I'd also love to try a fast paste environment.

But, I am not going to apply. While EVERYTHING is evolution, this position requires only a Master's degree. What the hell would have been the point of the last four years, then? If my next job doesn't require a Ph.D., I'd much rather write a creationist handbook, slap "Ph.D" after my name on the cover, and go for the Templeton Prize.

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