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1 fucked-up weird trick, indeed

Has anyone else seen this advertisement?

I watched the whole video (almost), and the basic idea - though wrapped in escapades and ennuendos* - is very interesting.

It is this.

Back in time when we (they, really) were all cavemen and up for group photos, we were all slim and beautiful not despite but exactly because we ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted to. Steak for breakfast and brie at tea-time. It was all a big mess, and that's precisely why it worked. Not because food was scarce (come on, it was the days of the giant sloths), but because one day you'd eat breakfast at IHOP and Denny's at the same time, and then nothing until the afternoon two days later, when you stumbled upon a truck-load of zebras who had fourtuitously died right in your back-yard, and the only thing you ate were the fat dripping off their zebra ears. Point is, that food came irregularly, and somehow eating irregularly then made us stay slim and beautiful. It had nothing at all to do with our genes, the fact that food was scarce (because zebra live in flocks, don't you know), or that estrogen-like compunds were in all sources of food, or even that you lived in America, which is God's chosen people for the obese-experiment.

Cavemen stayed slim because they followed this 1 wierd old trick: eat irregularly (but do, FOR GOD'S SAKE, buy my book priced at $39.99 for your benefit) and follow this detailed plan of what to eat when (because that's what the cavemen would do).

* Look, you fucker, number one I am typing on a Japanese keyboard that's got all these funky characters from outer space and number two I've had a truck-load of pseudobeer and number three fuck commas and number four I am watching Eddie Izzard on youtube, so you can bloody well substitute my attemps at being the proper grammarian (yes, that's a word) with the proper britshit.


  1. You crazy bastard! If your not on a serious amount of drugs then somethings seriously wrong you. If you are then I applaud you. As for your "caveman" theory. I can dig it. We live our lives on a schedule. Work, eat, sleep, and even our bathroom breaks. Instead of doing things as our body needs, we focus on time. We need to start to eat, sleep and shit when we want,, not when time dictates it.

  2. I didn't even realise he was wearing heels until the end!!


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