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Clear science from scripture

All of these are theories posed by evolutionists. What I see in Qur'an is concrete proof. We in time are trying to understand what God already has created. Sometimes we prove our theories. Sometimes we disprove our theories.

As a Muslim, the Qur'an gives me clear science. I read it with 100 percent belief in it. I don't look at it critically. It is God's scripture.
Would you believe the above is a statement by someone with a Ph.D. in biochemistry working as a scientist?

The Qur'an is concrete proof exactly how, do I wonder. A scientist should not read anything with 100% belief in it. Skepticism is the foundation for scientific thinking. He should look at everything critically. What a shame.

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  1. Another variation on the old argument... "How can you be an atheist?! It says right here in the Bible that..."


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