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Pride of the homescooled

Ahh, the joys of homeschooling. You didn't know that they include genius appearances on TV like this spelling bee winner, did you? Watch and cringe. I got cramps from curling up my toes.

I saw it on Facebook, and the few comments there are unanimously scathing - of the boy. No mercy there.

P.S. Last time I blogged about homeschooling several parents who do it found their way here. I welcome them all back for their take on the interview.


  1. Well, that was painful. And it will do nothing at all to dispel the stereotype of homeschooled kids completely lacking social skills.


  2. Indeed. Even though I did like his first line, "Did you just mispronounce my name?"

  3. I, for one, am happy for the kid. I was a socially awkward spelling prodigy too, and none of my public school teachers saw fit to enter me in any spelling bees. I think it's awesome that his mother believed in him and encouraged him and that he had the opportunity to win. Some of us never get acknowledged for our strengths, especially when we have glaringly obvious weaknesses that are easier for others to focus on.

    Now I'm average and ordinary in every way, and maybe Evan will be too someday.

  4. Correction: his first line was "Did you say my name wrong?" Heh.

    I too am happy for Evan. It's great that his mother encouraged him, etc.

    However, he did appear extremely dorky, don't you think?

    Heaven forbid he becomes "average and ordinary in every way" when he grows up. That would be a shame. That would be boring.


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