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"I shook the hand that fondled Ann Coulter!"

Oh my dog, this is too precious not to share: Jerry Coyne blogged about his visit to Puebla, and posted a ton of pictures of the invited luminaries. One of them is Coyne himself with detestable Dinesh D'Souza. D'Souza used to date Ann Coulter.

Fig. 11. The picture that will ruin me. With Dinesh d’Souza. I figured that since I chided P.Z. for posing with Michael Ruse, I should give him a chance to reciprocate. Unlike Ruse, however, Dinesh seemed like a nice guy. I shook the hand that fondled Ann Coulter!
Eeeeeeew. Smitten for eternity! I wouldn't have done that. Reputation, career, sexlife... all are now in serious danger.

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