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Don't diss Darwin; counter Comfort's crud

Are you at one of these universities? If you are, then Ray Comfort's, aka the bananaman, shameless reprint of Darwin's The Origin of Species, with Comfort's own idiotic introduction, will be handed out soon near you. And what can you do? You can print one of the flyers made by the NCSE to counter Comfort's ignorant claims about evolution and Darwin. Follow the book giveaway around and offer the flyers as people receive the book.

US (19 Nov)
1. Princeton University (NJ)
2. Harvard University (MA)
3. Yale University (CT)
4. Stanford University (CA)
5. University of Pennsylvania (PA)
6. California Institute of Technology
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
8. Duke University (NC)
9. Columbia University (NY)
10. University of Chicago (IL)
11. Dartmouth College (NH)
12. Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
13. Cornell University (NY)
14. Brown University (RI)
15. Northwestern University (IL)
16. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
17. Rice University (TX)
18. Emory University (GA)
19. Vanderbilt University (TN)
20. Notre Dame (IN)
21. University of California - Berkeley (CA)
22. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
23. University of Virginia (VA)
24. Georgetown University (DC)
25. University of California—Los Angeles (CA)
26. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
27. University of Southern California (CA)
28. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (NC)
29. Tufts University (MA)
30. Wake Forest University (NC)
31. Lehigh University (PA)
32. Brandeis University (MA)
33. College of William and Mary (VA)
34. New York University (NY)
35. University of Rochester (NY)
36. Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
37. Boston College (MA)
38. University of Wisconsin—Madison (WI)
39. University of California—San Diego (CA)
40. University of Illinois—Urbana - Champaign (IL)
41. Case Western Reserve University (OH)
42. University of Washington (WA)
43. University of California—Davis (CA)
44. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
45. University of Texas—Austin (TX)
46. University of California—Santa Barbara (CA)
47. University of California—Irvine (CA)
48. Penn State University—University Park (PA)
49. University of Florida (FL)
50. Syracuse University (NY)

Canada (24 Nov)
1. Ottawa University (Ottawa, ON)
2. Carleton University (Ottawa, ON)
3. Queen's University (Kingston, ON)
4. University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)
5. York University (Toronto, ON)
6. McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)
7. Guelph University (Guelph, ON)
8. Brock University (St. Catharines, ON)
9. U of Western Ontario (London, ON)
10. Concordia University (Montreal, QC)
11. McGill University (Montreal, QC)
12. U of New Brunswick (Fredericton / Saint John, NB)
13. Memorial U of Newfoundland (St. John's, NL)
14. Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS)
15. University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)
16. U of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK)
17. University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)
18. University of Calgary (Calgary, AB)
19. Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)
20. U of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)
21. University of Victoria (Victoria, BC)


  1. Really, a good strategy would be to have every biology professor, grad student etc. pick up a copy of the book as soon as they are available - this would effectively waste the resources of the organization and defeat their intent.

  2. Yes, everyone knowledgable about biology should pick a copy, too. I really want one, actually.

  3. LOL they're coming to UBC. Good luck to them. We also have these weird University Christian something-rather group that loves to swamp us with fliers in front of the...biosciences building. Yeah. Probably not the best place on campus to hand those out. Although they're not creationist, just free dinner invitations. Which, incidently, is rather tempting. Hmmm. Maybe I should just show up someday, leech off the vast reserves of religious institutional wealth. Mwahaha.

    I'm looking forward to this now!

  4. They noticed the NCSE initiative, and handed out the book a day earlier (18th) in the US. Perhaps they'll do the same in Canada.


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