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Comfort's book distributed at UCSB

Here's a story on Evolutionary Novelties about the distribution of Ray Comfort's mauling of On The Origin of Species (see story on Christian Science Monitor) at UC Santa Barbara. Here's the shocker:
[Graduate student] Chris thinks that, in the end, all this was just a cheap scam perpetrated by Ray Comfort. We found out that [book distributor] Mike put up money to buy these books. Comfort wrote a bunch of crap, tagged it to the beginning of Darwin's classic, published cheap copies, and then used his propaganda machine to get gullible buyers to spend their money.
Whaaat? These people paid Comfort money for this? Why that low-down dirty piece of filth! I can't believe he, with all the money he have made from his best-sellers, went ahead and asked the loons who handed them out on his behalf also to pay for them! What a god-damn awful disgrace. Ptui!

Apparently Ray Comfort himself showed up at UCLA to distribute books. Anyone got the word from there?

Update: Yes, someone wrote an account of Comfort's appearance at UCLA.


  1. I linked a post from ucla on my post. It has pix of Comfort and Cameron. -Todd

  2. "Whaaat? These people paid Comfort money for this? Why that low-down dirty piece of filth!"

    This was my reaction too, when learning about this. But then, I wondered why I should be more upset about that then him using ANY of his money. Even if some donor sends in $$ to the Life Ministries website, it is just as bad. I assume his primary job is religious con artist.

    But,yes, when it was a person that I actually saw and interacted with, it was much more "personal".

  3. I suppose rationally it amounts to the same calculation: you give him money, you volunteer for him, you spread his propaganda. It's just one of those things where we feel it's different than donating money to his cause, when you buy something from him that he wants to distribute. Scam squared.

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