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This is a list of the ten most viewed pages here. The numbers are total pageviews and unique pageviews, and the icon means that the post is about a peer-reviewed journal article.
1. Wealthy men's women have more orgasms 389 351
2. Homosexuality is catholic in the animal kingdom 366 312
3. Go on, marry your cousin 263 223
4. Success in life is predetermined 239 211
5. My predictions for Obama's first term 228 201
6. Khmer Rouge chemistry 225 194
7. November 2008 144 113
8. Evolution and pleiotropy 136 122
9. Non-functional DNA conserved in evolution 134 111
10. Evolution does mean better and more complex 128 114

It seems clear that visitors here like research blogging the most, and I'd like to do more of it. It just takes a lot more effort than most other posts. The pages ranked 5th and 6th are among the longer and more in-depth posts, though, so maybe that's what all these posts have in common. Except for the November 2008 archive page. That still gets lots of views. I have no idea why. There is a long way down from second to third place, and I can't help but notice that top two are both about sex. I'd like to blog more about evolution, though, closer to my own research. And that's not on sex, unfortunately.

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