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The evolution of Bond

What's happening to James Bond? I have just watched Quantum of Solace, and was decently entertained. But then when I thought about it afterwards, I was severely disappointed. It is, as the was precious movie, Casino Royale, simply a hard-hitting action adventure, but nothing more. It's not funny anymore. All the magic is gone!

There is no Q and no gadgets. There is no more joking around, and there is no more marveling over the invisible cars and Rolexes with laser-cutters. Sure, there is a fancy cell-phone that can (wait for it!) take pictures!

007 doesn't have sex (Update:) I forgot - 007 has sex with Miss Fields once in Quantum of Solace. He gives Camille Montes a kiss at some point, but that's it. He seems to have lost interest since his big love, Vesper Lynd, died in Casino Royale. And, Bond in love? That's perhaps the biggest evolutionary change from previous movies. By making him more human like this they have also made him much more boring. On top of that, he is drinking a shaken Martini of sorts at one point, but when asked what he is drinking, he answers that he doesn't know. The hell?

The famous line, "my name is Bond. James Bond," is nowhere to be heard. This is really a personal setback for me, because it ruins my favorite way to introduce myself: "My name is Bjorn. James Bjorn."

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the famous Bond theme by Monty Norman, which has been used since Goldfinger as an action cue, has now been relegated to the end credits. I fathom not why that is. They producers should be fired for this. There nothing that makes you more in the mood for Bond but that "daown da-da-da daown, da da da daown da-da-da daown," and "duuuu duuuu duuuu duuuu":

I really like Daniel Craig, though. Just please make him the old type of 007 again, per my instructions, and all will be well.

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