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Nothing in religion makes sense in the light of evolution

I wonder exactly what it means when a Baptist pastor says he has spent years studying evolution. I have, too, but I doubt in the same way as Rev. Steve Kerns. My guess is that he has read some of Darwin and then a couple of the current authors trying to refute evolution, like Michael Behe and Jonathan Wells.
Kern, author of "No Other Gods,” said he has spent years studying evolution. He said he found that Darwin emphasized that science and religion had no place together.
This is what Rev. Steve Kern of Oklahoma says, and he has arrived at the understanding that the premise of evolution is "only the strong survive.” Then he asks
"Why would Jesus go around healing the sick? Why would He say we need to protect the poor and the weak? Why would He do that if natural selection were true?”
If one studies evolution for years and understands the basic premise of evolution is "only the strong survive", then one is a very bad student indeed. With some effort it could be interpreted to mean something true, like "mostly the organisms that reproduce the most are the ones that will end up as the ancestors," but he clearly doesn't take it to mean that. And the answer to why Jesus would do anything is besides the point. If he was truly God, then he would maybe do it because he wanted to save humans from suffering? But, I agree with the Reverend that a literal reading of the Bible doesn't really make sense in the light of evolution. He should just have chosen to come down on the other side when he found those inconsistencies.

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