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More hating of homosexuals

I got another email from the AFA, and this time there was a link to part fo the episode that they find soooo offensive. From
Peter, the husband/father figure, turns gay after taking an experimental shot of the gay gene. He was paid $125 to take part of this experiment to prove that being gay is not a choice.
Then the fun begins. So what's the problem? Well, it's... it's... it's repugnant! Or something. The AFA warns that "These scenes (...) are highly offensive" "a perverted and sickening program." The AFA are a Bunch of pathetic losers.

I think it's hilarious. Check it out.

"He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals." LOL!


  1. That was an awesome episode. Family Guy at its finest. And of course the "gay gene" wears off at the worst possible moment, for maximum comedy. Lois is very Marge Simpson about the whole thing. Unreasonably patient and understanding. Almost made me want to punch her.

    Did you ever see the 30 Rock where Jack is working in Washington, and is in the room when an experimental "gay bomb" accidentally gets detonated? Heehee. Cheney so had it coming.

  2. I haven't seen neither the whole Family Guy episode nor 30 rock. I don't have TV, but I see that NBC lets you watch 30 Rock online.


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