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The killing of Oscar Grant

On New Year's Eve, Oscar Grant was murdered by a transit police officer. Grant was subdued, posed no threat, and was shot execution style.

Johannes Mehserle, Grant's killer, has not been arrested, charged with a crime, or even questioned by the Alameda District Attorney. More than 10 days later Mehserle still walks free.

Join us in demanding that California Attorney General Jerry Brown take over the case from the District Attorney and arrest Mehserle immediately. At the same time your action will result in an appeal to the US Department of Justice to investigate the repeated failures of BART Police and the Alameda County District Attorney's Office to hold officers accountable in police-killings.

WARNING: this is explicit.
Video from transit passenger showing
the killing of Grant (gun fires at 01:26).

Go here to make that demand of Jerry Brown.

Update 1/15: The officer who shot Oscar Grant has been arrested.

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  1. This really is terrible that this has even happened. Though it's taken a while, the officer has been arrested and charged now. ( Hopefully this will bring some justice to this case.


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