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Bankruptcy is Hell

I just heard this priceless comparison on NPR:
Capitalism without the threat of bankruptcy is like Christianity without the threat of Hell.
They were talking about the economic crisis and the stimulus package. It does really seem rather strange that a private company can run itself into destitution, and then be saved by the tax-payers in the nick of time.

Similarly, I do wonder why those pesky door-ringing Jehovah's Witnesses get anyone to join their sect when they can't threaten with Hell. They also only have room for 144,000 souls in Heaven. No comment.


  1. Actually, the JWs have already long ago filled the previously-allotted 144K, so they've expanded it kinda, as I understand it. Gotta love convenient ad hoc "revelation".

  2. Are there no revelations of this sort in your denomination? What kind of Christian are you, by the way?


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