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Beautiful letters, dumbass words

Cyrillic is a beautiful alphabet. Of course, that doesn't mean that it can't be used to write ugly things. I just received this email, with a message that I find repulsive, and it's not only because of the gory redundancy of exclamation marks.

From: Archer Loyd <>
Sent: Fri Jan 16 12:20
Subject: They are lying you every day

Все мелкие людишки - слепые животные, которые ради денег готовы на все. Вас ежедневно унижают сильные мира сего, а вы этого не замечаете и думаете, что выбираете.

I'd like to show you the web-site about financial pyramid! Take a look, how people get dumbed by System. And the jews stand behind it! Look!! It's true!!!

[Some URL deleted.]
[My emphasis.]

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