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Barbara Boxer roasts Tom Kilgore

Here's a podcast from NPR's All Things Considered with a conversation between Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Tom Kilgore, CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Kilgore is the guy ultimately responsible for the coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee.

Answering why he had not committed to restoring two coves in the Emory river that are covered with coal ash from the spill, he said

Kilgore: I didn't wanna make a promise on that particular one until I know what the best options are for the environment and for the neighbors.

Boxer: But at this time you have no plans on the books to restore those coves the way the were before, is my point.

Kilgore: But I also don't have plans not to, madam chair.

Boxer: Well, that's not an answer.

Kilgore: Okay.

If you listen to the podcast, you won't fail to notice Kilgore's thick southern accent. It must be how I am influenced by the context and the media (and I put all blame there, of course), but doesn't it make him sound like a crook?

Here's my humble advice: Just get the thing cleaned up, goddammit.

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