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Perry vs. Willingham

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is feeling the heat over the 2004 execution of Cameron Willingham. Basically, evidence had amounted in due time before the execution that Willingham was innocent, and yet Perry refused granting a 30-day deferment of the execution. Now criticism is amounting, I am guessing based on the New Yorker article from earlier this year detailing the circumstances of the case, and Perry's response is to cement his opinion that Willingham was a beast, obviously because he cares more about his future career than he does about the truth.
Last week Mr. Perry defended his decision and struck back at his critics. “Willingham was a monster,” he said. “Here’s a guy who murdered his three children, who tried to beat his wife into an abortion so he wouldn’t have those kids. Person after person has stood up and testified to the facts in this case.”
Fuck you, Perry.

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