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Homeopathy explained

Dr. Charlene Werner explains physics and homeopathy. She is one of the funniest quacks I have seen in a long time. Watch and squirm.

Here's a summary of what she said:

"Einstein: All the mass in the Universe can fit into the size of a bowling ball, so in fact there is next to no mass in the universe, so E=mc2 becomes E=c2, which is why the vision system is so important, because we have lots of photoreceptors.

"String theory: Other particles are little strings, so we have both eyes and ears, so we have E=mc2, but mass is crossed out almost, and string/vibration. But that still doesn't tell us the whole picture, because what is a cell, right? A cell has cell wall, cytoplasm, etc., but is that mass? Not very much, really, right? So what is it? Tiny pieces of energy: electrons, protons, neutrons. So the whole body has a 'infantesimal' amount of mass, so what is the remainder? Energy. So we are energy. Something about conservation of energy, and guess what the definition of disease is: it's not mass, but the transformation of our energy state into something different. That's what the definition of disease is. So we should be able to transform our energy into a previous better state. We can use light, we can use sound, we can use homeopathy.

"Homeopathy: There is little mass, lots of energy, so that means everything has a vibration to it. If my neighbor's dog poops in my yard, literally, and I take a bomb and throws it at my neighbor, it destroys something, it changes its energetic state. Homeopathy can store energy and match it with your disease change in energy state and restore the energy state, and that's how homeopathy works.

"All of us vibrate, either with a plant, a mineral, or an animal. Something about curing a squeaky knee, and that is so miraculous and exciting, giggle giggle."

★ ★ ★

This is some weird shit, man! I really wonder where she gets it from. How anyone can make up such pure nonsense is completely beyond me. Can this not be classified as insanity? Please?

Via Pharyngula.


  1. She's incredible. I'm jealous of her pure genius, talent and skill: I wouldn't be able to violate so many fields of science simultaenously IF I TRIED...

    And to think that scumbag morons like that almost invariably have a higher quality of life than most people... >.<

  2. Well you say that but yesterday I ran my dishwasher without any detergent. So there was like, just the memory of detergent. And yet my dishes got clean. Explain that science guy!

  3. Notice how she starts by asking if people have taken any chemistry, but then only talks about physics.

    As for dishwashers, they are clearly attuned to the dirty-dishes energy state (and they have no mass anyway).

  4. wow,

    it is like grading exams in a class that totally lost it after the first lecture but still everybody wants to give it a shot in the final.

    Now you sit over all the non sense and after 50% of the papers you read, you don't know what is right or wrong anymore yourself.

    I had to stop watching it after some time, it was just too pain
    full. Cheers Arend


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