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Evolution highlights V

When Being a Cuckold Makes Evolutionary Sense
In one species if fish, the females lay more eggs in nests where several males contribute sperm. This makes cuckold males more fit.

Chinese fossil find gives clue to ear's evolution
123 million year old mammalian fossil shows how the bones of inner ear evolved by separating from the jaw bone.

Do birth control pills alter mate selection?
Being on the pill changes which kind of man women find attractive. One expert said "Just because you like someone with a square jaw in the middle of your cycle probably doesn't affect who you end up with." I find that an extremely ignorant statement. Of course who you find attractive matters for who you end up with. There are apparently 100 million women on the pill world wide, and even a short monthly change in preference will have a significant effect in such a large population.

How Did Evolution Begin?
A new numerical model of "prelife" - a chemical system that can lead to information and diversity, and that is capable of selection and mutation, but does not yet have the ability to self-replicate.

Researchers discover a new antibacterial lead
Novel chemical compound targets the cell wall during bacterial development.

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