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Homophobianizing football

A French football team consisting of Muslims, Créteil Bébel, is refusing to play another team with some homosexual players on it, The Paris Foot Gay team.
Zahir Belgarbi, identified as a spokesman for Creteil Bebel, told France-Info radio he apologized if "anyone felt upset or hurt."
Right. If you are sorry that you upset someone, then you either regret that you did what you did, and won't do it again, or you regret that idiotic rules are forced upon you. Neither of these are true in this case; the Muslims players will of course refuse next time as well, and they do not think that Islam is idiotic.

But I suppose Mr. Belgarbi could just be sorry that the people his team upset are hurt, because he is sorry that those people don't agree with him.


  1. Can The Paris Foot Gay team response in kind by refusing to play the Créteil Bébel because its players are composed of nothing but barbaric Muslims?

  2. Well, then, than would be discrimination, wouldn't it? Doesn't France grant people freedom of religion?

  3. I sure hope so.

    I don't think Mr. Belgarbi would get the irony of it anyways. Prejudice for one is moral purity for another.


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