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Conference in Hungary

Tomorrow I am leaving for a conference in Hungary:

COST-ESF Conference

I will be giving a short talk on my new paper (of which you can find a preprint here) - a very short talk. 15 minutes only, and it looks like that includes time for questions.

The conference is mainly on questions regarding the transition from organic chemistry to biochemistry, i.e. the origin of life. This is of course highly interesting, even though chemistry isn't exactly my cup of tea. The organizers have stipulated that
New ideas and results discussed at this meeting should not be cited in publications without the explicit and prior permission of their author.
That will make blogging about it rather difficult, as I have to ask every presenter if doing so is okay with them. We'll see.

Particularly interesting speakers include Stuart Kauffman (Origins of Order + NK), Peter Schuster (quasispecies), John Odling-Smee (niche construction), and Eörs Szathmary (The Major Transitions in Evolution with John Maynard Smith).

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