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Session chairs listen up!

If there is even the slightest risk that you are ever going to chair a session at a conference, please (please!) do read these Ten Simple Rules for Chairing a Scientific Session (click for thorough explanations):

Rule 1: Don't Let Things Overrun
Rule 2: Let Your Speakers Know the Rules
Rule 3: Be Prepared to Give a Short Introduction
Rule 4: Write Down the Actual Start Times of the Speakers
Rule 5: Do Have a Watch
Rule 6: Communicate How Much Time is Left to the Speaker
Rule 7: Don't Be Afraid to Move on Without Questions
Rule 8: Get to the Venue Early and Be Audiovisually Aware
Rule 9: Prepare Some Questions in Advance
Rule 10: Keep Control of the Question and Answer Sessions

If only because there is a non-zero chance that I will be in the audience, and I HATE when the schedule isn't kept (because I am just waiting to go to lunch or hit the bar).

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