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2009 Atheist Convention

The Atheist Alliance International 2009 Conference is a couple of days away, and, for me, only a couple of miles away. Lots of great interesting speakers will be there, but, alas, I cannot go. Why? Because it's too freaking expensive! $279 for an all weekend pass. I'm not just upset that I cannot go because I am too poor (though I am very upset about being poor), but also that they insist it must cost this much. Give me a break! If I were to lash out, I'd say that the result of that will be that only retirees with nothing left to offer but their money will be going, while all the young people with ideas and a future to put them to use are going to be left out. But I won't lash out. Just advertise the event:

October 2-4, Los Angeles.

And many more.

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