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Paper finally submitted to PLoS

I finally submitted my manuscript to PLoS Computational Biology. Woot! Can't quite believe the rigidity of the submission process, though. Lots of HTML editing of figure captions in order for the paper to be posted online. The layout rules for the manuscript are also burdensome, and, including a submission to the e-Print archive, it has taken most of today to get it all done. I'll be pretty upset if the editors decide not to send it out for review after all that trouble.

The paper, Impact of Epistasis on Evolutionary Adaptation, will be viewable at the arXiv shortly, I trust...

Update 9/20-09:
It's now available on at the arXiv.


  1. You can't claim ownership of 0909.3506

    We do not allow people other than the authors of an article to claim ownership of an article before it has been publicly announced.

    Historically, some authors have given the article password to their friends so that their friends can view the article before it has been accepted into arXiv. Unfortunately, this causes problems under the current system, in which entering an article password makes a user an owner of an article who is entitled to make changes to the article. In some cases, friends accidentally select "Yes" to the "Are you an author?" question, making an incorrect authority record. considers submissions to be confidential between the submitter and/or authors of an article and ourselves until the article is announced. If you'd like to read 0909.3506 before then, please ask the authors to send you a copy. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Oops! The link to the paper will be down until the paper has been cleared for the public, or whatever the jargon is.


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