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Carnival of Evolution teaser

October 1st important events in history:

1050 years ago, Edgar the Peaceable becomes king of all England (959).
820 years ago, Gerard de Ridefort, grandmaster of the Knights Templar since 1184, is killed in the Siege of Acre (1189).
180 years ago, South African College is founded in Cape Town, South Africa (1829).
140 years ago, Austria issues the world's first postcards (1869).
70 years ago, after a one-month Siege of Warsaw, hostile forces entered the city (1939).
60 years ago, the People's Republic of China is declared by Mao Zedong (1949).
40 years ago, the Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time (1969).
30 years ago, the United States returns sovereignty of the Panama canal to Panama (1979).
20 years ago, Denmark establishes the World's first legal modern same-sex civil union called "registered partnership" (1989).
0 years ago, Carnival of Evolution, the 16th edition, will air on Pleiotropy (2009).

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