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Inward Catholic outrage

Catholics have been flamed a lot over their dogmatic attitudes towards freedom of speech, abortion, and especially their reaction towards people who disagree with them. At University of Notre Dame a rather miniscule group of Catholics protested today against Obama speaking at commencement, and/or against him receiving an honorary degree from there. All because he supports women's right to choose to have an abortion, which the Catholic church continue to be against. More than 100 people gathered in protest. So? Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and with nearly 13,000 students and faculty, one might expect a wee bigger group of protesters if the general attitude weren't favorable of letting Obama speak and receive the honorary degree. So probably it is.

But mostly I wanted to share the good feeling of a Catholic who is justly ashamed of her church:
genia on May 16, 2009 10:28 PM

All this protest and judgement...condeming...this is against everything I was taught as a Catholic.
As a Catholic I wonder why my religious leaders chose to embarrass us. I wonder why they chose to make fools out of my faith...I wonder why they chose to take a stand against the President of the United president?
But mostly I wonder where these Catholic leaders were when Bush decided to attack an innocent country, starting an unprovoked war.... bombing sleeping cities...killing thousands of woman, our military....where were the bishops and archbishops then? Are these victims not God's children?
Shame on the Catholic church...shame for spectacle they are making of my religion... shame on them.
Where were these Catholic leaders indeed?! Thanks genia, for sharing your outrage.

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