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74th Symposium at CSHL

In a couple of weeks I will be attending the 74th Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: EVOLUTION: THE MOLECULAR LANDSCAPE, and I just can't wait. The list of abstracts is here, and includes such luminaries (and others) as

Behe, M.: "Four decades of experimental adaptive evolution of microorganisms—A review"
Carroll, S.: "Endless flies most beautiful—Cis-regulatory sequences and the evolution of animal form"
Charlesworth, B.: "Genetic recombination and molecular evolution"
Davidson, E.H.: "Evolution of the animal body plan by cis-regulatory alteration of gene network architecture"
Dennett, D.C.: "The cultural evolution of words and other thinking tools"
Hauser, M.: "The origins of a generative brain and the possibility of impossible cultures"
Hoekstra, H.E.: "White mice on white sand—The molecule steps to a phenotypic optimum"
Joyce, G.: "Evolution in an RNA world"
Koonin, E.V.: "Search for a tree of life in the midst of the phylogenetic forest"
Lenski, R.E.: "The dynamics of phenotypic and genomic evolution during a long-term experiment with E. coli"
Levine, M.: "Transcriptional precision in the Drosophila embryo"
Miller, K.R.: "Deconstructing design—A strategy for defending science"
Pääbo, S.: "A Neandertal perspective on human origins"
Pinker, S.: "The cognitive niche"
Scott, E.C.: "The evolution of intelligent design"
Szostak, J.W.: "The origin of cellular life and the emergence of Darwinian evolution"
Wilson, E.O.: "The molecular landscape—A journey along the highway of evolution"

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