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Darwinius has landed

I give in to the pressure:

Details all around: National Geographic, Pharyngula, Ed Yong, Laelaps, Carl Zimmer, and, of course, the actual paper in PLoS ONE.


  1. It doesn't even look like Hera.

  2. Let us recaull the basic creationists arguments:

    It is not so old, because carbon dating is not correct!
    It is not a different species because it is just a dwarf or kripple what so ever!
    God himself put it there to test out faith!
    It can not fill any gap, because there was no evolutionary history!

    Damn I forgot something... and I know that, because just when I think everything is settled, the next idiot comes with the next stupid idea...

    Anyway, nice find, and this one has an extremely long tail, and it is german!

    Cheers Arend


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