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Crash this poll

A Dutch political party wants creationism taught in schools. Arie Slob (gotta doubly love that name), leader of the orthodox ChristenUnie party, says
'It is as if there are no other ideas and theories,' Slob was quoted as saying. 'There are more thoughts about the beginning of this earth than the one printed in the text books.'
There's more than one myth, but only one scientific theory that holds water. That's why evolution is taught, and not creationism.

Then there's a poll to crash:

What is the best explanation for how we got here?
Evolution 65.7%
God created the world in six days 17.1%
God created the world but it took longer 7.0%
Intelligent design 5.9%
Don't know 4.2%

Total votes: 286

Not much to crash, I know, since "evolution" is well in the lead. But with the hordes of Pleiotropy readers, we could surely get that number up to a full 68% !!!


  1. It is at 305 votes now after a full day. You might try posting *two* ceph pics every friday to acquire the hordes needed.


  2. Hehe. I wonder if cephalopods truly is the secret Pharyngula ingredient.


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