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Pharyngulites, come back!

Here's the number of Pleiotropy pageviews per day for the last nine days: 94, 157, 98, 74, 63, 8073, 2658, 837, 713. For the last few months I've had a meager average of about a hundred pageviews per day. And now this. Why?

Because PZ Myers linked from Pharyngula to this post I wrote two weeks ago about the use of his name. Over 12,000 pageviews with almost 80 percent of the visitors referred directly from Pharyngula. Over 90 percent of those pageviews is of that one page.

Will any of them return, or should I expect the same 100 visitors on average after this blows over?


  1. It's because of this bizarre invention called an 'RSS reader'.

  2. I'm a regular PZ reader, and I added you to my RSS feeds. But you need content to get me to keep reading...

  3. I've got you bookmarked and will pop in every now and then. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm a Pharyngulite; I've Provisionally Bookmarked you, and if you keep my interest, I'll keep dropping by about once a day.

    No pressure.


  5. I sit in the office next to you... and I think you shouldn't count on pharyngulites as your audience, try making post in creationist blogs under fake ids and attract those. Would be a better use of your time, than talking to people who are mostly convinced of the right things anyway ...

    Cheers Arend

  6. Well I never read PZ's post but I have you RSS bookmarked anyway :)

  7. Heh. I already had a strong feeling you weren't one of the hardcore Pharyngulites, Tom.

  8. I'm also a regular PZ reader, and since his referral, I have had your blog bookmarked too. If you keep it up you might stabilize in my daily must-see-list (with PZ, BadAstronomy and more).

    No presure from me either...


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