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Edward Shmedward nails evolution

In his ironclad sarcasm, Edward Current is maddingly close to portraying how many creationists actually argue. Deeply ignorant of evolution, that is. The fossils of tails that humans have lost is a new one, though. Kudos.
Ignorant Darwinists are still religiously devoted to a lame story from way back in the 1800s. It's SO out of date. Can we please just move forward?


  1. Edward just keeps knocking out these brilliant parodies.

    Fossil tails is right up there with birds using their "free will" to bring down Sully's plane :)

    And what is this rubbish about germs causing disease anyway???? These germists just want an excuse to sin without burning in a lake of fire!!!

  2. Agreed. Don't you wonder if there are aynyone with similar views (for real) who at first takes it seriously because he in fact uses exactly their arguments?

  3. The most concerning thing is that he is almost undistinguishable from someone who is really convinced from creationism...

    Cheers Arend


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