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Nauseating double oxymoron

I am in the middle of experiencing something horrendous on TV. You could say I'm liveblogging it.

Danish Christian rock. A double oxymoron. This will bother me for ages. Just sit there in the back of my mind queasing the hell out of me for weeks on end.

The music is decent rock, really. Nothing inventive about it, just like most rock. But the text (in Danish): "Holy, holy, holy, we praise. Worthy, worthy, worthy, we praise. God, you're the only one. We sing only to praise you." Pretty easy stuff to write. And then the scene: A stage full of people constantly full of energy, clapping with arms over their heads. But the audience is lame, nearly standing still. Some raise their hands to the side, closed eyes - sort of in prayer. Everyobdy seems to know the lyrics.

It's an oxymoron because there is nothing rock about Christianity. The two aren't perpendicular, they are antiparallel. Imagine the reaction when The Rolling Stones sings they newest song called "I follow Jesus." Instant exodus. Complete cold shoulder.

But then, on top of that, this is Denmark. Bastion of secularism. Take Phil Zuckerman's word for it. Or look at the belief in evolution vs. creationism in western countries. Denmark is, goddammit, supposed to be free of such lunacy.

Seeing this kind of upbeat praise for the lord in Denmark - copied directly from Jesusland - nauseates me.

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