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Carnival of Evolution #10

A new edition of Carnival of Evolution went up April 1st on The Oyster's Garter. I completely forgot to submit anything to it this time, but don't fret, there are a bunch of great posts this time, too.

For example, Dan writes on his blog, Migration, about the evolution of flight:
There have been a lot of variations in theories on the origin of flight since the 1860’s, but most people nowadays group them generally into two categories. The first, the Cursorial model, proposed that flight evolved in running bipeds through a series of short jumps. Meanwhile the second, the Arboreal Model, proposed that those pre-avian dinosaurs (theropods) where gliders originally, much like “flying” squirrels today.
He then present the intriguing hypothesis that flight evolved as the birds ran up steeper and steeper inclines. He has a nice video, too. Check it out.

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