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A new God proof

Here's new God proof. I am not sure whether Grad Student Tim Bowling is serious, but either way I think his proof deserves attention (if only because I am waiting for a ride to the airport with nothing better to do).

Here's the proof in full:
P1) No process can take place without God’s consent and preference.

P1.1) God is omnipotent.

P2) Christians prefer monogamy.

P3) Fundamentalist Mormons prefer polygamy.

P4) Evolution gives preference based on amount of genetic material propagated forward through time.

X1) If evolution is the case, God prefers fundamentalist Mormons over Christians (via evolutionary advantage).

P5) God prefers Christians over fundamentalist Mormons.

P5.1) The Bible.

C1) Evolution is false.
I don't agree with P1 and P1.1. P2 and P3 seems to be valid, though this might only be the official stance for the Christians. P4... yeah, sure. Works. X1 makes sense, but such evolutionary processes can take way more time than what little the Mormons have had. But let's say it's an ongoing experiment. However, even if God prefers Christians over Mormons, I don't think P5.1 follows (assuming it should read "The Bible is infallible). God could prefer Christians for other reasons, like the fact that two young men in white shirt and black ties on bicycles are a ridiculous sight.

Tim Bowling ends thus.
God, I love how logic always ends up supporting my preconceived notions. I’m such a good scientist! I should totally be allowed to teach children about biology.
If the sarcasm in his proof isn't enough to drive home the message, this last line should push you over the edge.


  1. You know, that I have this book, and I read often in it, it is called the Lible. It sais it contains the truth, and nothing but the truth. Very cool, it also claims evolutiuon to be true hence God proof wrong...

    But the funny thing in his argument, is that normally proves of God aren't real proves, because the evidence is simply wrong. Whereas this one is hillariously stupid, since X1) uses evolution to be true as an argument against it... which in fact creates a paradoxon about God... like if evolution true -> evolution false.

    Nice stupid one, and btw polygamy does not mean having many children... Having a lot of sex among compatible fertiles does.

    Cheers Arend

  2. The premise that Christians prefer monogamy is asserted, but needs proof. It's contrary to the facts in many cases.

    You're confusing fundamentalist Mormons with Mormons. Rather like confusing Rushdooney with the Pope.

    No wonder philosophy is bankrupt.


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